Client Testimonials

1/4/2019-Thank you – job was great and your guys were so nice and thorough.

Debi-St Louis

1/11/2019-Thanks good job

Pat- St Louis

1/11/2019- Thanks for doing a great job taking down our tree.


12/11/2018- Thank you very much for your excellent job.


12/8/2018-I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the expert tree service I received from Ray’s. Throughout the project, the gentleman who worked on my  property were courteous, professional, and very kind. Each went above and beyond to ensure that the task was completed safely and with the least amount of interruption to my house and neighborhood. The camaraderie and teamwork that I witnessed was impressive, and indicative of a company that fosters a positive work environment. Heaven forbid we have to do anything more with all these darn trees, but if we should Ray’s will be our only choice for tree services.

Veronica-St Louis

11/8/2018-Your crew was personable and willing to help


11/7/2018-Ray’s Thank you good job


11/5/2018-Very nice crew, They did a great Job


10/30/2018-Thanks for Excellent Work

Stuart-St. Louis

10/29/2018-Crew did a great job of dead wooding our trees. Their clean-up was excellent. Thanks for a super job.

John-St. Louis

10/22/2018-Thank you for a job well done!

Melinda-St. Louis

10/18/2018-Wonder full Job!!, Wonder full Employees!!


10/16/2018-Thank you Thank you…your ability to access and deliver… Awesome!… and I have ‘tree’ history…this, such a good experience, from all!

Kenvi-St Louis

10/12/2018-Thank you A beautiful job was done every step of the way.


10/10/2018-Thanks for doing such a great Job!

-Theres St Louis

9/28/2018 – Thank you

They did a great job

-Betina Webster Groves

9/20/2018 – Thank you for doing a knowledgeable and thorough job on the estimate. I had 4 other Tree services here.

2- never provided the estimate

1- wrote 4 words and 2 prices

1- gave a verbal

Thanks for your help

-Jane Ballwin


9/19/2018 – Thanks for doing a Great Job!

-Lynn, St. Louis

9/18/2018 – Thanks for an Excellent Job. Let us know if you ever need a recommendation.

Dominican Community of St. Louis

9/08/2018 – Dear Ray’s Tree Service: Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated and thank you for Everyone’s, politeness, promptness and professionalism! From the receptionist who took my call, to the arborist who was especially nice, the crew that cut up the tree, and the crew that took care of the stump.  It is nice to know there are still companies around who believe in good service. Thanks again

-Jennifer, Rock Hill

9/04/2018 – Excellent Service!

– Otis, St. Louis

8/30/2018 – I had Ray’s Tree Service remove two on my trees today and I just have to pass on the great experience I had starting with the gentleman who came out initially to assess weather both trees needed to come down. He arrived on time, dressed professionally and was very knowledgeable, even noticing another tree in the yard that had active bag worms. I received a call today that an appointment came available last minute and asked if this might be a good day for them to come out. The gentlemen who came out were on time as promised, dressed cleanly, and were very polite and professional. I was very impressed with the skill required to remove the trees. I was also very impressed with the cleanup. I did not have to pick up one branch left behind. Yi don’t see such promptness and professionalism very often these days, so I just had to let you know what a great service I received from Ray’s

– Lisa, Ballwin

8/14/2018 – Very pleased with your work!

– Betty, Affton

7/06/2018 – The guys did a good job, it was sure a hot day for them. Thank You

– Patricia, St. Louis

1/20/2016 – Thank you! Great service! We are very happy with the results and will use your company again.
-Stephanie, Rock Hill

1/14/2016 – Thank you for your usual great work! Compliments to the crew! It is so nice to have a business I know I can count on and trust to do consistently a good job. Best regards,
-Charlene, Affton

1/15/2016 – I had to contact you and say what a great job your guys did on my big, old and dead mimosa tree yesterday. Absolutely none of the lillies or irises (that are already coming up) had any damage. Even the hostas that are under the tree weren’t hurt. Other than the fact there is a huge stump back there, you can’t even tell anyone worked back there. ALL of the little twigs/branches, etc. were picked up and the yard looks great (other than something really big is missing). I truly appreciate how careful and thorough your men were. As soon as we turned the corner yesterday coming home from work, I saw this big gap in the sky where that tree used to be. Honestly, I thought your guys would be there all day. What a great team you have!!!! Thanks so much.
-Lynn, St. Louis

12/27/2015 – Just a note to express our appreciation for the wonderful work your employees did at our home last week. The trees and bushes were trimmed to perfection, and everything looks great.
-Carol, St. Louis

12/23/2015 – The crew was outstanding. After they finished cleaning up the yard after the tree was trimmed you would not know they were there. Not a limb, branch or leaf to be found in the yard. Great job!
-Rich, St. Louis

12/23/2015 – I would like to thank you for the most excellent job of removing the elm tree from my back yard. As a safety professional I know the challenge the crew faced in accessing the tree with power lines on three sides and the dangers of working 80 feet off the ground. Your men did a fantastic job cleaning up after the project, and I wanted to make sure they know how much we appreciated the job they had done. I would recommend Ray’s Tree Service to anyone for their level of professionalism and the quality of their work. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas,
-Doug, Webster Groves

12/21/2015 – Just a note to say the 2 crews that came out on the jobs to our house were great. They were friendly, efficient and did a very good job. Clean up was super! Thanks again!
-Jane, Webster Groves

11/25/2015 – Thank you so much, you always do a wonderful job. Thank you for putting the wood chips in my backyard. It was fun to watch the guys.
-Donna, Webster Groves

11/5/2015 – Thank you for all your hard work. The new tree looks great!
-Carson, Brentwood

10/28/2015 – Thank you so much for taking care of our tree! It looks much better!! And our curb appeal is great. Chris was so informative and helpful with much understanding as to how I wanted our tree to look. The crew were so friendly and did an excellent job! I would definitely recommend Rays Tree Care! Thank you sincerely,
-Sally, South County

10/22/2015 – You have very nice men working for your company. They did a wonderful job.
-Helen, Crestwood

10/22/2015 – Thank you for the great job!
-Ellen, Crystal Lake Park

10/21/2015 – This is to notify the management team at Ray’s that my wife and I are extremely happy with the tree trimming services received at our house on 10/9/15. The team assigned did an exemplary job on the two large pin oaks in our front yard. We are happy with both the removal of the dead branches and the clean-up afterwards. The team did a very thorough and professional job. My wife and I only write thank-you notes to service companies once in a while (i.e. every 2-4 years) as we expect good service but want to acknowledge when the service exceeds our expectations. Also, we have sung your praises to a few neighbors already and will look to contact you again in 2-3 years when we likely will need to look at similar services for our trees.
-Michael, Webster Groves

10/20/2015 – Just a note to tell you how please I was with the way you cut down my large pin oak tree, and how neatly you left my yard. I would recommend your service to my friends.
-Eunice, Valley Park

9/22/2015 – We were very pleased with the professionalism, personalities, and politeness of the crew that took down several trees on our properties, one extremely large sycamore that required the use of a “boom” truck. We agreed with one of our neighbors that we chose the right people for the job! Thanks again.
-Joyce, Brentwood

9/14/2015 – Your people did a super job and we would definitely recommend your company to anyone.
-William, Ballwin

9/14/2015 – Please thank the crew for their work. I was going to thank them when I paid and went to get my checkbook. However, they did not give me a bill so I did not get a chance to say thank you. They did a great job!
-EJ, Rock Hill

9/1/2015 – You have the best crew in the business! I hope you pay them well. They worked their butts off in this horrible heat and humidity. I enjoyed watching the climber or climbers. Thank you for hiring people that know what they are doing. It’s almost 5pm and they’re just about to wrap it up.
-Michelle, St. Charles

8/20/2015 – Thank you. Great job, clean-up perfect!
-Christy, Ballwin

8/20/2015 – The men did a wonderful job. They were professional and friendly. The clean-up was fantastic.
-Ellen, Affton

8/15/2015 – As usual your crew did a great job. Also, would like you to pass on a compliment to your employees who did a 2-year fertilization for me on July 27th. He did a thorough job and had to work in a very crowded shade garden I have under my trees. He was able to do this without any damage to my plants. That could not have been easy and I thank him very much!
-Charlene, Affton

8/10/2015 – Bob is my 90 year old relative that provide assistance to and visit once a month. You and your team deserve a very big thank you for coming to the rescue the night of the storm on Monday, July 27, 2015 by removing the part of the tree on his garage that night. Bob was so distressed that he was going to try and remove it by himself (!) so by coming out you saved us from multiple problems! Thank you also coming the next morning to remove the rest of the tree and then later to grind the stump. All very much appreciated by your long term customer Bob, his evening caregiver, and me! I would be happy to post a review anywhere that would be helpful for you except Facebook which I don’t use. Just let me know if you would like me to do so.
-Lynn, Ballwin

8/10/2015 – The guys who came out to work on our property were all very professional. They worked quickly and thoroughly and the yard looked beautiful when they left. No debris in sight! I will be in touch this winter about having further work done.
-Mary, Crestwood

8/7/2015 – Your crew is just finishing up now. They did a great job. I am really pleased. They were pleasant and capable and considerate. IF you need a testimonial, I would be happy to supply one. Thanks again.
-Andrea, Kirkwood

7/22/2015 – Great job! Now the view of the lake is much more inviting, thanks.
-Doris, Chesterfield

7/20/2015 – The workers were very polite. I was impressed with how well they cleaned up the mess.
-Ronald, Webster Groves

6/20/2015 – The ground crew was excellent; timely, knowledgeable, professional. Great customer service 🙂
-Virginia, Olivette

6/8/2015 – I want to tell you how pleased I am with the job done by your staff at our home on May 22 and May 26, 2015. There were 9 or 10 men involved during these 2 days. They were all well-equipped, appropriately clothed and communicated with one another without insults or obscenities. There is a lot of construction and repair going on around us right now. Some of it has involved people with risky work habits and nasty speech patterns. Please communicate my thanks to your crew for a job well done by men who respect themselves and others.
-Holly, Kirkwood

5/29/2015 – Thank you for your diligence in removing the walnut tree. Your crew was fast, efficient and neat in their work.
-Henry, St. Louis

5/29/2015 – Thank you! Our magnolia looks so much better. Thank your workers for me.
-Jean, St. Louis

5/20/2015 – Your employees were all very polite, courteous and super professional. I am very pleased with the work they all did.
-Irene, Fenton

5/5/2015 – How nice it is to be able to reach out to you and get something as minor as one tree stump taken care of so easy and quickly. I received an estimate, approved it, scheduled it and it was completed within a short amount of time and all, very professionally managed by your entire Ray’s crew. Thank you!
-Dan, Des Peres

4/17/2015 – Just wanted to let you know the team that sprayed our trees were very nice and courteous and thoughtful. Thank you. Happy Spring!
-John, Affton

4/16/2015 – Just wanted to say “thank you” on a job well done. We’ve never dealt with a better group of workers. All 3 of your work groups were a pleasure to deal with. All professional and friendly. Thank you again. Another happy customer!
-Patrick, St. Louis

4/15/2015 – Thank you for doing a great job on our tree trim!
-Alex, Kirkwood

4/6/2015 – Thank you for your crew’s excellent work!
-Ann, Chesterfield

2/17/2015 – Please pass on to the team that was there when I could not be…”Excellent Job”
-Williams, Crestwood

2/4/2015 – Thanks for doing a great job and for cleaning up so well.
-Mary Ann, Clayton

2/3/2015 – Thank you for an absolutely fabulous job. Our trees look beautiful, couldn’t be happier. A big thank you to all involved! Sincerely,
-Pam, St. Louis

1/28/2015 – Thank you so much. Your team did a nice job on a very cold day.
-Gerald, Town & Country

1/27/2015 – Thank you for your always professional and excellent service. It is my pleasure to be one of your customers. Your organization has a wonderful attitude and I would not think of having anyone else do my tree service.
-Joanna, Manchester

1/25/2015 – Service was great! All men here were very nice and efficient. Thanks for a good job at our home.
-Jim, St. Louis

1/16/2015 – Thanks for doing a good job!
-Gerald, Town & Country

1/9/2015 – Thank you for your excellent work. We are very pleased with the results of your efforts.
-Kathryn, University City

12/19/2014 – I would like to commend each and every one of your guys that were part of the crew that removed the large white oak trees from our property!! I’ve been in residential and commercial construction for over 20 years and have seen the good and the bad over the years. I was very, very impressed with the job your guys did!! They were very professional, polite and courteous. They were obviously very experienced and knew exactly what they were doing. Each day when they left they would clean up any mess that had been made. I will highly recommend Ray’s Tree Service to anyone that has a need for a tree removal service!!!! I also liked the way you bid the job by itemizing the cost for each tree along with the stump grinding. Please tell your guys thanks and congratulations on a job very well done!
-Tom, St. Charles

12/19/2014 – You did an amazing job and a super cleanup – very professional!! Thank you!!
-David, Clayton

12/10/2014 – To the lady on the phone, Tony, Jack and the tree men: From start to finish, professional and perfect. Thanks!
-Don, Kirkwood

11/24/2014 – The tree trimming did a wonderful job on my tree. It looks so good. I’m sure this will solve my problem of limbs breaking. Thanks,
-Carol, Ballwin

11/21/2014 – I want to compliment the men on both the crew who came and removed our large sweet gum tree and the crew who later came to grind the stump. All the men worked hard in a timely manner and at all times were very professional. They are indeed a credit to your company and to themselves. Sincerely,
-Terry, Affton

11/10/2014 – Thanks so much for squeezing me in at an earlier date. Great job, great work crew!
-Martha, Shrewsbury

11/4/2014 – Thank you for the great service and workmanship. I will use you again and recommend you.
-Gene, Affton

10/31/2014 – I wanted to let you know that they did an excellent job last Friday on trimming the trees! Thank you!
-Carol, Webster Groves

10/28/2014 – Hi, just a brief note to tell you of the excellent work your crew performed on my trees. All of the work specified was done. The crew was friendly, courteous, professional, and thorough. The clean-up was excellent with all the leaves and twigs. Please let the crew know that I’m very satisfied with their work and would recommend Ray’s to anyone. Since we have a number of trees, no doubt you will be here again in the future. Sincerely yours,
-James, Fenton

10/27/2014 – The crew who was doing the work at my house were exceptional! Such nice fellas! They were very hard working, polite and great at cleaning up the debris!
-Elizabeth, Kirkwood

10/20/2014 – Your crew did a great job! They were pleasant, courteous, and conscientious.
-Kathleen, Ballwin

10/19/2014 – Lucky you to have such amazing, conscientious, careful skilled workers. I had a large tree fall on my house on late Friday afternoon, October 10. Your adjuster came out within half hour and a crew arrived early the next morning to take the tree down. Reuben, Albert, Miguel and Robert…..What a great crew! The whole neighborhood was in awe. Thanks for sending me your best workers. They were so careful with my property and that of my neighbor’s. The clean-up was superb. Ray’s Tree Service is certainly tops on my list. I have spread the word.
-Susie, Webster Groves

10/10/2014 – I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the great job that you did! It was a difficult and stressful time for me when my neighbor’s tree fell on my house during a storm. I am so grateful that Don was able to come out after hours and have a crew working the very next day to give me some sense of normalcy. Office staff was always so pleasant when I called with concerns. Of course the crew was awesome too! Kudos to Don for following through to the end! Forever grateful!
-April, St. Louis

10/8/2014 – Many kudos to your company for creating a VERY happy client!!! Last Thursday night’s storm left me with several downed limbs, one of which affected the neighbor’s fence. Your outstanding response began with a call to my office early Friday morning to say that Chris would be at my place that same day. Chris called me from my house to explain the situation. Then he cut the offending limb off the neighbor’s fence. The contract was emailed to me and promptly returned to you. I anticipated that your crew might be able to remove the branches some time this week. Oh was I wrong! It was a huge surprise to get home Saturday afternoon to find that ALL of the branches were gone. It was such a great job! It looked like the branches had never fallen. Thank you so much for an outstanding job! Please share the over-payment with the folks who did the work.
-Ginny, High Ridge

10/6/2014 – Thank you for your excellent service! We wanted you to know that each person who worked on our tree was professional, respectful, and thorough. Should we need tree service in the future, we will definitely call Ray’s Tree & Lawn Care! Sincerely,
-Jean, St. Louis

10/3/2014 – Everyone at Ray’s Tree Service can be proud of the way your company was represented recently while providing quality service to one of your customers. The process started with a phone call, on Wednesday August 13, when Lisa set up an appointment for me with Chris F., to provide a bid for the work to be done. Chris was very professional, friendly, and helpful. The contract was written up and covered in a thorough manner, and he even had “consent forms” prepared for our neighbors to sign, to authorize the electric power lines to be taken down. Your company’s bid was a little higher than the other bid we were considering. However, in the end, we decided to go with Ray’s, and it was money well spent.

The services were scheduled for Thursday, September 18. The crew that was assigned was friendly, professional, and extremely efficient on the job. The entire job was near completion much sooner than we expected. The efficiency of the entire crew was impressive, from the tree climbers (cutters), the workers on the ground, and the workers who hauled all the debris away from the job site. Excellent job!

My only regret is I was unable to thank the entire crew, all together, at one time, because I had to leave for work while they were still finishing up, and I did not want to interfere with their work. A big Thank You to everyone involved!

Then, on Wednesday, October 1, two workers showed up to grind down the stump and remove the stump from the one tree we had completely taken down. They were finished in no time at all. This time I was able to thank them both, and I remember telling each of them I was impressed with all the services provided by Ray’s Tree Service throughout the whole process.

I will recommend Ray’s Tree Service in a heartbeat, to anyone who is looking to have tree work done on their property. Once again, great job and thank you all very much!

-Scott, Affton

9/30/2014 – Thank you! We were well pleased. Our tree looks great. It’s “haircut” was long overdue. We will not hesitate to recommend your service.
-Joyce, Fenton

9/22/2014 – Many thanks to the guys who trimmed my sycamore tree on 9/13. I can now see all the way to the top (pretty scary). Lets hope an “act of God” incident doesn’t happen anytime soon. They also sis a great clean up job. I couldn’t be more pleased.
-Ellie, Maplewood

9/15/2014 – The crew did a great job. I was very satisfied with the way they carried out the job and cleaned up. They left things in good shape. They were very careful not to damage my garage or my neighbor’s. Sincerely,
-Lisa, St. Louis

8/6/2014 – Great job! Special thanks to John B. for tips about my trees.
-John, Kirkwood

8/4/2014 – Thank you, they did a great job. I am well pleased.
-Marge, Crestwood

7/17/2014 – This letter comes as a commendation of your staff team of Luis, Norm and Rod. From the time of their arrival to take care of storm damage, they moved with knowledge, caring, skill and artistry. The team work never ceased. Toward the latter part of the day, other staff arrived and the team was enlarged. What an operation to observe and as rain came down. I regret not having the names of the additional team members at this time as they too were great! Thanks to John for his assessment of the storm damage and plan for the caring job needed. With our third experience of service with the Ray’s company completed, we know you will be there as needed. With gratitude we remain. Sincerely,
-Sally, Glendale

7/15/2014 – Thanks, your workers did a great job.
-Joan, Huntleigh

7/11/2014 – Real quick – My wife and I recently had some tree trimming done and we are very pleased!!! The crew that did our trimming was polite, and very thorough in all respects! Please acknowledge this group of employees – David, Barry and Justin for their direction to making your company shine. We felt that maybe writing this note could have a ripple effect for you to share, we will continue to call Ray’s and recommend to others as well.
-David and Brenda, Oakville

7/10/2014 – Just a note to tell you we are very satisfied with your service. The men that worked here were great. Thanks again.
-William, Crestwood

7/7/2014 – Our compliments to the employee who injected our tree. He arrived at the time specified. While here he explained the process. After completing the work he cleaned the area. Thank you also for prompt service.
-Kathy & Jim, St. Louis

7/1/2014 – The guys did a fantastic job! Need a reference, let me know 🙂
-Laurie, Oakville

6/26/2014 – I just wanted to send a note saying how nice all the men were who came to take care of our precious two oak trees. John B. was very nice and informative! I learned a few things about our single oaks! Then the three men who came and trimmed were great. Did a good job and even re-hung a birdhouse for me, and a hanging basket. That was very nice. So thank you to everyone.
-Louise, Kirkwood

6/17/2014 – Just wanted to say that your crew was very professional and did an outstanding job trimming our maple tree. Everything was cleaned up and hauled away so nicely. We are very pleased with the service of this job. Thanks again!
-Rich & Christy, St. Charles

6/16/2014 – All crews were very friendly, courteous and did a good job. Thank you!
-Otto, Brentwood

6/13/2014 – Thank you for a great job!! Back yard clean, as though no one was here working. Please thank the crew that was here at my home for a great job!!
-Shirley, Ballwin

6/3/2014 – Dear Ray’s, thank you so much for your service. The professional way we were treated, from the first call through our tree trimming was very impressive. We will be recommending you!
-Gloria, Eureka

5/27/2014 – Thank you! Great job, and great clean-up afterward. Hopefully next year I’ll be planting trees, and we can do business again.
-Chris, Fenton

5/14/2014 – Thanks for the great (and speedy!) work removing the stump from my property. I was very impressed with how smoothly it all went.
-Michael, St. Louis

5/12/2014 – Thank you for the prompt, excellent service!
-Dan, Crestwood

5/6/2014 – I wanted to convey our appreciation and satisfaction regarding the 5/6/14 pruning of our cherished mature pecan tree. A.M., J.J., and M.D. were professional, comprehensive, polite, personable, safety oriented, and demonstrated a good eye for detail. They were timely in their arrival and provided excellent ongoing clean-up, as well as following the completed job. You are fortunate to have such diligent workers in your company. It was a pleasure to work with everyone with whom we have been in contact. Thanks again.
-Kevin, St. Louis

4/22/2014 – I would like to thank the sprayer for our sweet gum trees today. He went out of his way to be courteous to my family. Your people have always been so good and that is a rarity today.
-George, St. Louis

4/18/2014 – You did a great job removing my tree stump. My new tree is already been planted. Thank you.
-Carole, St. Louis

3/12/2014 – Your crew came out today and did an excellent job on our trees in the backyard. The ground was very soft from the rain we got Tuesday night, and I was concerned just dragging limbs across the yard could cancel the work I put in all of last season trying to get my lawn in better shape. The crew manager David assured me that he would cut all limbs into small pieces so the crew could carry them instead of dragging. And that is exactly what happened. He also assured me that they would be careful with the limbs hanging over our privacy fence so that there would be no damage to the fence. And that happened also. David and the rest of the crew were very helpful with suggestions concerning the pruning of trees, and took my concerns into consideration at all times. I also want to thank John B. for doing a thorough job in the write up. They showed me some of the pictures he took (even circled bags blown into the trees from a recent storm) so the crew knew to remove them. Great job all around. When I need more work (and that will definitely happen) I will call Ray’s for sure. I warn you that I will be asking that David do the work however. He was a pleasure to work with and very professional. The ultimate test was when my wife got home from work, she was just as impressed as I was. Thank you very much.
-Roger, St. Peters

2/20/2014 – Another “great” job! Thank you for taking care of our magnolia as always!
-Tony, Brentwood

1/31/2014 – Great Job! Can’t believe you could all work in those temps! We appreciate it.
-Paul, St. Louis

1/3/2014 – The workers did a good job – cleaned up very nicely!
-Norma, Des Peres

1/2/2014 – The crew did an outstanding job! I will recommend you to others.
-Gary, St. Louis

1/1/2014 – The men did a great job removing the stump and cleaning up.
-Norma, Crestwood

12/12/2013 – Thank you for your excellent work. Everything looks very nice.
-Carolyn, St. Louis

12/6/2013 – Thank you. The workmen were courteous and cheerful. Great cutting and hauling away of debris, punctual, great!
-Charlotte, St. Louis

10/21/2013 – Had to note that the 2 gentlemen that did the work did a fabulous job and clean up was done to perfection!
-Marcy, Wildwood

10/16/2013 – May I say that I was pleased in the way the work was done including the most excellent job of stump removal.
-Dennis, Crestwood

10/4/2013 – Thank you. Excellent service at every level.
-Carolin, Kirkwood

9/21/2013 – Congratulations!!! We were so please with the tree removal and trimming. You staff: Robert, Ruben and Juan were exceptional workers. Robert with his great leadership skills. Juan, quiet but wonderful worker and Ruben the outstanding professional. He had such great skills and great instincts. He had that tree down in such a shirt time all the while controlling how the branches would fall. It was awesome to watch him work. Later, another crew came by and Bob of that crew jumped right in. He too was very skilled at climbing and a real professional at his work. Other members cut and cleaned. It was terrific. The folks that were here…From the tree removal guys to the wood removal guys, to the stump removal guys….all “A” plus. Thanks so much. FYI: I just recommended you all to my neighbor today! Have a wonderful fall and Holiday season.
-Mary, Affton

9/16/2013 – The efficiency, service and professionalism of your crews was outstanding! Job well done!
-Alicia, University City

9/12/2013 – Thanks for a great job. Good crew! Great clean-up. Will recommend your company.
-Bob, St. Louis

8/20/2013 – Once again your company had gained kudos from us. The constant communication regarding the tree, bush and stump removal only proves the professionalism that Ray’s Tree Service shares with their customers. The workers who were assigned to the job arrived promptly, did the work as requested and left the job in an impeccable condition. Thank you for making our landscaping project enjoyable.
-Mark and Judy, St. Louis

8/11/2013 – Thank you for a wonderful job. We are so happy with the work done. Your men did such a wonderful job for us. They worked hard for three days. The clean up was great. We will truly pass your name to as many people that we can. Taking care of calling Ameren for us was great. The senior discount is appreciated also. Thank you again,
-Mary Anne, Maryland Heights

7/25/2013 – The crew are real pros. They did a great job, thanks.
-Warren, St. Louis

7/25/2013 – Thank You!! The team that did the work was excellent, and even the cleanup afterward! We will definitely recommend your service to others!
-Don, Town and Country

7/19/2013 – We were very pleased with your workers. They are efficient in their work and clean up. We would recommend your company.
-Mary Anne, Mehlville

7/18/2013 – I would like to say that the crew you sent to do this work was not only on time and diligent in their work, but they did an expert, comprehensive job. I was very satisfied with the actual cutting and excellent clean up afterward. Thank you.
-Jack, St. Louis

7/6/2013 – Our family recently had Ray’s out to our house to cut one of our overgrown trees and trim another. We want to express our gratitude for the efficient and friendly service we received. The workers were considerate of our mother’s feelings when at the last minute she became emotional because those were her father’s trees. Well done and thank you.
-Josh, Affton

7/2/2013 – Thanks again for a job well done.
-B.P., Town & Country

7/1/2013 – Thank you for the prompt, professional removal of my dead box elder tree.
-Allison, St. Louis

6/12/2013 – I would like to thank you for your very generous donation of time and materials to help with the completion of my Eagle Scout project. This donation of tree stumps was used to create a children’s playground at a battered women’s shelter in our community. Donations like this are what help our community to be great.

5/27/2013 – You came the morning after a tree in our front yard crashed into our house putting a huge hole in our roof. By 4pm the tree was removed and we were able to tarp the roof. My wife and I will always be grateful. Many thanks. Sincerely,
-Will and Charlotte, Kirkwood

3/25/2013 – Thanks for the prompt, professional service.
-Bill, Sunset Hills

3/19/2013 – They did a very good job and trimming and shaping the tree. I’m really please with the results.
-Mary, Crestwood

3/18/2013 – Great job by Mike and crew.  An A+++++
-Karen, Des Peres

3/15/2013 – Just wanted to say thank you for the great work your guys did for me. Extremely thorough, punctual, and professional. Your crew took great care in doing an excellent job. I would and will recommend you to all who may need tree/lawn services. Thanks so much!
-Wes, Webster Groves

 3/14/2013 – Great work! I appreciate the care you showed for the property, and the quality of the cuts on the trunk, and the excellent clean up!

-Daniel, University City

3/12/2013 – Thank you so much for the SUPER job your group did for us. We were very impressed by your efficiency, workmanship, and especially, your attention to detail with repair of the lawn and exceptional clean up! We will strongly recommend you to anyone who asks.
-Dave, Webster Groves

3/7/2013 – I wanted you to know how impressed I was with the service rendered by the crew that removed the tree from mine and my neighbor’s yard. They were professional, courteous, and amazingly skilled at what they do. There was not a leaf or twig that was disturbed in the rest of the yard. When they were finished, you could hardly tell that they had been there, or that I ever had a tree. Please extend my appreciation and praise to the crew that handled this job.
Betty, Webster Groves

2/13/2013 – Your men did a super job! Thank you for your excellent service.
-Shirley, Creve Coeur

 1/5/2013 – I would like to take a moment and thank you and your crew for an outstanding job done on my trees on December 26. The job was done to my complete satisfacton and I was especially impressed that the orders were taken over the phone without me having to be there to explain. I was also thankful that any mess of branches and debris was removed from the yard. Besides the fact that one tree was removed and the other cut back, I would never know anyone had been there to do the work. Too many times, people and companies hear about the wrongs that are done and non-satisfactions. I just want you all to know that the job was exactly what I wanted and I will recommend your service to anyone and everyone I know.  Thank you and best of luck in 2013!

-Bill, St. Louis

12/24/2012 – Thank you for the splendid job that was done on my trees and for the most pleasant people in the office. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
-Joanna, Manchester

12/17/2012 – We appreciate the fine service your team provided and they were neat as well. Thanks for a GREAT job. Merry Christmas!
-Connie, Ladue

12/12/2012 – This crew was a good one (Mike’s crew). They cleaned up great and I really appreciate that very much.
-Virgie, Affton

12/3/2012 – Thank you for a good job! Everyone was very courteous. I will recommend you to friends.
-Pat, Richmond Heights

11/29/2012 – Thank you for the excellent service. The men were polite and accommodating, and they worked very well together – something that I think is just as important as working well with me! I will definitely recommend your company to others.
-Stephanie, St. Louis

10/19/2012 – Just wanted to note that your workers were very polite and accommodating in doing their job. My compliments to them.
-Jim, Webster Groves

10/15/2012 – Your workers are amazing, friendly and hard workers.
-Joy, St. Louis

10/5/2012 – Dear Rays, Thank you so much for a great job done at my house. I feel so much better now with those trees off the house! You left everything clean and neat! I will recommend you a lot!!
-Renee, Ballwin

10/5/2012 – Your workers did a great job.  The trees look so much nicer.
-Frances, Affton

9/28/2012 – The removal of a very tall tree only a few feet from kitchen and dining room windows was done with amazing skill.  Later, James and Brian took care of the remaining stump, cleaning up the area and even removing some branches that had broken off in a storm and fallen into a basement stairwell before the tree was taken down. When I told James there was another stump I’d like removed, he called for an approval, and then he and Brian took care of it too. Ray’s Tree Service has done work for us in the past, and we continue to be very satisfied with the company’s tree removal and site restoration.
-Ann, Creve Coeur

9/25/2012 – Great service by all of the crews that worked on this job. I appreciate the care they took to protect the property and that they left it cleaned up.
-Janet, Webster Groves

8/27/2012 – Enclosed in our check for your service at our home. Your workers did an excellent job and were very courteous. Thank you.
-Pam and Dennis, Affton

8/25/2012 – I would like to take a moment to tell you about John and his crew who did the work Friday August 17th here. They were polite, prompt, and courteous men. Work was done professionally. They are a credit to Ray’s Tree Service.
-Homer, Warson Woods

8/22/2012 – One more THANK YOU for the GREAT SERVICE you and the crew gave us. I will be back for more great service.
-Robert, Arnold

8/19/2012 – A short message to let you know how pleased I was with the service your folks provided on Saturday. In particular Jennifer, Louis, and Miguel were outstanding…plese give them a pat on the back for me as well as a well deserved raise.
-Ron, Glendale

8/19/2012 – To Chris and the tree crew: Thank you so much for a job well done, and the efficient manner in which you removed the tree. It was impressive to watch! I will highly recommend your company should any of my neighbors require tree removal. Thank you!
-Carol, Affton

8/15/2012 – I had a job at my house today in south county. I had a tree limb which had fallen on the power line coming in to my house. I called to see if you guys could help. Chris was at my house within a half hour. He was great to work with. John was here shortly thereafter to determine if it was safe and by 4:#0 your crew was here and had quickly finished the job. Albert’s crew was friendly, quick and cleaned up the entire area when they finished. It was wonderful working with you and thank you so much for helping me out in my time of need. I will definitely be using you guys again in the future. Thank you, again.
-Amanda, St. Louis

7/16/2012 – Dear Ray’s Tree Service, I wanted you to know that I am delighted and so impressed by the job your employees did removing my oak tree. My garden below the tree was totally unscathed. I had already prepared myself for some damage because I could not see how they could bring down such a huge tree without a mishap. Your men are so professional. Bob on the crane and Miguel in the tree, work like they are one unit. Every move is perfectly calculated and executed. They had to use my neighbor’s driveway to park the crane. They put down lots of plywood so it was unharmed. Hooray! All of the men were very friendly and polite. They went out of their way to be helpful. They even cleaned up a pile of clippings from my driveway which was not part of the tree removal. I will certainly be telling all of my friends and neighbors about your fantastic work. I can’t thank you enough. We will sleep much better now without the dying tree hanging over the house! Sincerely,
-Valerie, Ferguson

7/16/2012 – Outstanding, job well done!
-Elbert, Crestwood

7/6/2012 – We are very well pleased with your service and with the prompt and efficient way you did it. Please thank the men who did the work on that very hot day and also please thank Bob for the thoughtful and kind manner with which he did his estimate.
-Norma, Creve Coeur

7/5/2012 – We are pleased with you job. Especially that there was no damage to nearby plants and you thorough cleanup!
-Dorothy, Brentwood

6/19/2012 – I have never seen a more problematic “tree threatening houses” situation. Also, the bifurcated trunk, and 90 degree bends of extremely thick multi-ton limbs were off the charts. Ray’s boom-man and his skilled climber were geniuses at estimating what in physics (statics) is called steelyard weights, and this was combined with the climber’s uncanny cutting. They kept 5-8 ton limbs from swinging back into the house. The team was on time, efficient, and clean finishing up. The stump grinding went just as nicely. Ray’s price was terrific. God bless you folks.
-H.G., University City

6/10/2012 – Thank you for a job well done. Your men were very nice and easy to work with. The clean-up was thorough. Thank you.
-Peg, University City

6/9/2012 – I was very pleased with your company’s service. Beginning with an efficient telephone reception and continuing with a prompt and friendly estimator. Steve’s crew was careful, competant, hard working, considerate and friendly. I will certainly recommend your company.
-Jay, Olivette

5/27/2012 – I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the excellent, professional job your people did while removing my tree. I had put off having this done for more than a year because I dreaded the inconvenience and mess that I thought this would generate. How pleasant it was for me to have your professional crew show up ON TIME and have the entire job finished and cleaned up in less than two hours! The same was true of the men who ground the stump. I requested that the mulch from the tree be placed on a bare spot on my hill and the men even spread it for me. I couldn’t be more pleased. In the past two years, every man with a pick-up truck and a chainsaw has knocked on my door wanting to take the tree down, with prices ranging from $400 to $800. While your job cost more, I know that I got more than my money’s worth in your professionalism and the knowledge that if anything did go wrong, you would stand behind your people and fix the problem. I have used you in the past and will continue to use you when the opportunity arises, as well as recommend you to others. Of course, I have found that you have a great reputation with many of my friends who speak of your services in glowing terms! Please keep doing what you are doing as you have a successful formula going for you. And please express my thanks again to your men who did such a wonderful job. Sincerely,
-Suzanne, Ballwin

5/24/2012 – We wanted to let you know the service we received for removal of the huge oak was incredible. We appreciate the entire crew, their concern for our happiness in doing a good job. The climber, John, was incredible, a great job on dropping the limbs carefully and Rick the foreman to make sure everything was satisfactory. Job well done! I would recommend this crew again. Also great clean up. Thank you.
-Linda, Fenton

5/23/2012 – Thanks to everyone involved for being friendly and caring. Also the most important thing, not leaving and debris behind.
-Dave, St. Louis

5/22/2012 – Thank you to the crew that cut down my sycamore tree. It was a difficult job. They did a very professional job, safely cutting the tree, cleaning up and hauling away. I appreciate you service. Sincerely,
-Lou, Richmond Heights

5/16/2012 – I was extremely pleased with the professionalism & execution of job from inception (bid) to detailed follow-up, cleanup. A class act, one that I will recommend to anyone in need of tree removal or related landscaping. Again thanks & regards,
-Frank, Chesterfield

5/15/2012 – Thanks to the crew that trimmed our trees last week – great service, great clean up!
-Susan, Webster Groves

4/30/2012 – Thanks for all your help. All of our guys were great, from the salesman Chris to you laborers. I never miss a chance to recommend you guys. I will contact you in early fall about crowning my tree. Thanks again!
-Sandy, St. Louis

4/21/2012 – Your team did an incredible job taking down two huge trees in my front yard. They were professional, brave, and their attention to safety was remarkable. The best part? The clean up. You would have never known there was ever a mess in my yard from these trees! Bravo to you!
-Susan, Ladue

4/12/2012 – Your crew did a fantastic job of taking down our tree and removing the logs carefully. The crew was very conscientious to take care of our lawn and azelea bushes. They also put a tarp under the truck to protect the driveway. Thanks you!
-Callie & Bill, Ladue

3/12/2012 – Just a quick note to thank you for such an amazing job with my tree removal. Your team did a fantastic job – I can’t believe how hard they worked. It was wonderful to come back to town on Tuesday and to see everything back in its place. I really appreciate your attention to detail. I will be sure to recommend you to any one who needs a tree removed. Thanks again for everything.
-Tracy, Clayton

2/27/2012 – Your crew did a great job, very professional. My wife says thanks for not damaging the flowers!!
-Dan, Webster Groves

2/24/2012 – I could not be more please with your service!!! Thanks you so much.
-Diane, Webster Groves

2/20/2012 – We should make a copy of this letter every time you work on our tree, we have to say the same thing. Thank you for your office people. Both or three women took our info and solved any problems – of which there were none. But since we would be in and out during March they scheduled and billed everything for February. Thank you for your crew: Jason and Nathan. They were on time, courteous, careful, clean (they were of course) but what I mean is they “cleaned up” after the pruning. They cleaned ours and our neighbors yard. We have always been satisfied with your company’s work, and this time was no exception. One more time: thank you.
-Jim, St. Louis

2/3/2012 – I am very satisfied with the work that was done. The men were courteous, professional and amazing to watch as they worked. The one that climbed so high in the trees was especially interesting to watch but they all knew their jobs and did them well.
-Sharon, O’Fallon

1/31/2012 – I just wanted to tell you what a great job your crew of Dave, Andrew and Ricky did at my house Monday. We had about 14 trees either removed or cut back. They were on time, efficient, and very professional. I also wanted to include John Beckman. He was very informative and helpful. I certainly won’t hesitate to call you in the future for my tree care needs. Thanks.
-Ken, Ballwin

1/14/2012 – Very happy and satisfied with the tree removal job. The onsite crew couldn’t have been nicer. They even helped the trash men with the cans since the road was blocked!
-Anita, Olivette

1/14/2012 – We thank your tree service for taking care of the magnolia and cypress tree trimming. Your crew did a fine job.
-Mike, St. Louis

1/10/2012 – Thank you so much. Your crew was great. Everything looked great when they were finished. Thank them & thank you.
-Beth, Webster Groves

1/9/2012 – Thank you for your excellent service. Your crew were very knowledgeable & cleaned everything up and were very polite. I will use this service again!
-Betty, Kirkwood

1/5/2012 – Thank you for your prompt and prefessional service. I can always count on a job done well.
-Karen, Des Peres

12/14/2011 – Thank you! Your company’s men did a great job & cleaned up very well. Thanks again.
-Myron, Clayton

12/12/2011 – Thank you for your service. My daughter says that you did a great job and everything was cleaned up properly. We will recommend you to anyone who might need your service. Thanks again!
-Judy, Brentwood

12/6/2011 – Your crew was very polite and did an excellent clean-up. The man doing the cutting was also very polite. I appreciate how careful he was around our landscaping. Thank you for such good service!
-Debbie, Kirkwood

12/1/2011 – Like many homeowners, we utilize many different services to maintain our property. To be candid, many of the firms we have used for these services have left a lot to be desired. We have become accustomed to mediocre and sometimes surly service done at unreasonable prices. The work your firm did, cutting down a large oak tree in our back/side yard, was a very pleasant experience, in contrast to some others we have had. Your crew was very professional and the job done to very high standards with no unpleasant “surprises.” Please feel free to use us as a reference. Sincerely,
-Mark and Carol, Crestwood

11/28/2011 – I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service. You do this every day but I do not. I was a bit nervous about my yard as I had never seen the equipment you use to grind the stump. One of your managers contacted me to schedule a day and was nice enough to come over the day before and speak with me to put my mind at ease. Now that’s customer service! The next day the crew came and did an excellent job. The machine was awesome I had never seen anything like that. The operator was very kind and the crew cleaned up my yard like they had never been there. Thanks very much to everyone especially the manager and crew! I will definitely use Ray’s Tree Service in the future and will also recommend your company to others.
-Denis, Ballwin

11/22/2011 – What a fantastic wonderful job Harold and his crew did for me on cutting down my old white oak 80 to 100 years old. I dreaded the experience so I kept in the house and watched a little of the operation – the clean up was remarkable! Thank you all.
-Mary Lous, Fenton

11/10/2011 – Just want to let your company know your men did a great job! Thank you.
-Betty, Affton

10/19/2011 – I was really impressed with the skill with which the work was done; from knowing where to place the rope to where to make the cuts to how they used teamwork in the “pulling down” process! Though I hated to see my red bud go down I praise the humans who had the job of doing it. Thanks.
-Patricia, Affton

10/12/2011 – Thank you for a job very well done. We appreciate the expediency of getting the tree cut down and the men did an excellent job of cleaning up – no debris was left in our yard or street.
-Priscilla, Arnold

10/7/2011 – I just want to tell you what a fine job your workers have done. I appreciate all the hard work they did and your company should be proud of them. Thank you.
-Jeanne, Frontenac

9/21/2011 – Thank you for taking care of my pear tree so quickly and efficiently. It was very nice to have someone to depend on when it suddenly fell. Thanks.
-Georgia, Webster Groves

9/8/2011 – Great job. It was a hot day and the crew worked hard. Everything looks great, the work met my expectations.
-John, Fenton

8/28/2011 – I wanted to compliment your foreman (Bob) and his crew on a great job! They cut down the tree, left the surrounding bushes and plants in excellent condition, took time to answer my questions about it when they were done, and they tidied up afterwards, even though nobody was home throughout most of the process. I am very impressed with the service and professionalism we received. We’ll be calling again for help in the future. Your wasn’t the lowest bid (nor the highest!) for this job, but it was well worth it. I hope you can keep your prices in this reasonable range and continue to have such excellent crews. Best regards,
-Sophia, Clayton

8/11/2011 – As always, thanks for the good work. John was a pleasure to deal with.
-Cary, Des Peres

7/12/2011 – Excellent job. All debris was picked up and the driveway swept clean! Another SUPER JOB. Thank you.
-Gene, Oakland

7/12/2011 – Thank you for the prompt service!
-Ron, Valley Park

7/8/2011 – I just want to say how pleased I am with your company. Everyone from the tree removal, large log removal and the stump removal team did an awesome job. All workers were professional and very courteous. These workers are certainly an asset to Ray’s Tree Service. And I cannot forget John Beckman. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. He was willing to share his knowledge on the questions that I presented even though they did not pertain to the job at hand.
-Millie, St. Peters

7/8/2011 – The crew did a very nice job. We were very happy with the service. Thank you.
-Joanne, St. Louis

5/24/2011 – I was very pleased with your work and our employees. They did an amazing job of the clean-up. Nice work! Thanks!
-Nancy, St. Louis

5/15/2011 – This is a quick note to say thank you for the quality work & professional manner in the removal of our tree. It was a top notch job!
-Brodie & Laura, St. Louis

4/28/2011 – Thank you for a job well done. Every employee that I met through the process was courteous and hard working. I would and have receommeded you. Thanks again.
-Charlie & Mary, St. Louis

4/19/2011 – The thinning of the Sweet Gum tree looks very professional and well balanced. We really did have a tree that needed professional work, not just a shaping. Thanks, we’ll receommend your company to any of our neighbors in our subdivision.
-Bob & Shirley, Creve Coeur

4/9/2011 – Thanks for a job well done. I thank you. Well pleased.
-Charles, St. Louis

3/21/2011 – Thank you for the good work.
-Ingrid, University City

3/10/2011 – Thank you so much for the tree and stump removal from my property done by your company. I am really happy with the work and the results. Your men are very good at what they do and were very nice and helpful. Thanks again! I’ll be most happy to recommend your company and workers.
-Mary, Affton

2/5/2011 – Thanks you! Great service during a hectic & tramatic time – Tornado of 12/31/2010 – damage was unbelievable. Your service allowed utilities to be turned on the same day saving our pipes & plants.
-Judy, Sunset Hillls

1/3/2011 – Thank you for a job done extremely well under difficult weather conditions. I have already recommended Ray’s Tree Service to several friends.
-Barbara, Des Peres






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