Tree Care Services

Ray’s Tree and Lawn Care offers a full array of tree care services to satisfy your needs.  Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we have an experienced, professional staff ready to get the job done.  We offer free estimates, so you can know exactly what work needs to be done and what it will cost to protect the value of your property.

Also, unlike many tree companies, our treatments are administered by Certified Commercial Applicators and Licensed Technicians who are regulated by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

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Tree Removal

Ray’s can safely remove trees of all shapes and sizes.

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Tree Trimming

Proper care of trees can increase a plant’s lifespan.  All of our recommendations follow the Tree Care Industry Standard ANSI  A-300.

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Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, it can leave an unsightly stump.  Ray’s provides the most efficient service and we do a great job of clean up.

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Shrub Pruning

Properly trimming shrubs is a specialty that few understand.  Let our arborist review your shrubs so we can support proper trimming, growth and care.

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Tree Install

If you need to replace a tree or would like to add to your existing landscape, we can help plant a new and healthy shade tree or evergreen for you.

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Plant Health Care & Tree Fertilization

  • Systematic Injections – Insecticides, fungicides and bactericides that are injected directly into the trunk of the tree and work systematically to control a specific problem
  • Dormant Oil Spray – Controls overwintering insects and eggs.Foliar Insect Spray – Applied during the growing season at times in insects’ life cycles when they are most active
  • Fungicide Spray  – A series of sprays to control leaf and needle diseases
  • Florel Spray – Used to reduce the production of gum balls
  • Antidessicant Spray – Prevents winter injury on broadleaf evergreens
  • Tree Fertilization – A slow release liquid soil injection that ensures essential nutrients will be available to the trees and shrubs for up to two years
  • Aeration of Tree Roots – Helps relieve compacted soils and promotes the movement of oxygen to the root system

Other Services

Emergency Tree Service

Storms can wreak havoc on mature trees day or night, that’s why Ray’s has an arborist on call for emergencies at all times. Call (314) 516-3123

Arborist Services

Ray’s has certified Arborists on staff ready to serve you with tree diagnosis, tree valuation, construction studies and consultation. Consider us your tree care partner.

Diagnosis of Tree Disorders

Trees, shrubs and plants can suffer from various types of disorders due to weather, insects and disease. We are happy to help you determine the source of a tree disorder and provide a customized solution.

Evaluation of Damaged Trees

Trees, like all living things, are susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature, including storms, snow, disease and insect damage. Let us help you determine the cause of the damage and help you find a solution.

Reinforcing and Cabling of Weak Areas in Trees

Some trees are so mature that they need a little bit of help (like we all do when we get older). If you have a tree that is leaning or threatening a structure, or if you want to protect a mature tree from the elements, let us reinforce the tree, extend its life and protect your property.

Tree Studies

Several municipalities and businesses require regular Tree Studies to ensure the health and well being of publicly and privately-owned spaces. Businesses, real estate companies and homeowners also often require tree studies to assist in valuation of landscaping for real estate appraisals. We are experienced tree experts ready to provide you with a custom report with specific analysis and solutions to any size property.

Vast Array of Large, Small and Specialty Equipment

Ray’s has one of the most extensive collections of service equipment in the region, that is well maintained and abide by applicable safety requirements This allows us to serve customers with large, medium or small jobs, in an efficient and safe manner. We own Bucket Trucks with a 55’ average reach; Crane Services with 85’ boom length and 22 ton hoisting capability; Materials Trucks including Roll-off and Log loaders and much more.